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Good Girls Go To Heaven

Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Shannon Peck
Disclaimer This is the journal of a fictional character which is the sole intellectual property of the author. The icon image is not me nor do I own the rights to the image. No profit is being made from this character exercise nor is any harm intended.

Birth Name: Shannon Elizabeth Golden
Adoptive Name: Shannon Elizabeth Peck
Nicknames: Shay, Shan, Nonnie (from her three year old adopted sister)
Age: 17

IQ: Shannon could care less about school. Her goal is to become a top model and marry a wealthy man.
Phobias/Fears: Getting old, failing in her career, afraid of the dark
Religious Beliefs: Shannon doesn't care about religion, She feels everyone should chose for themselves
Intolerances/Annoyances: Shannon has no patience with people who feel they have the right to tell her how to live. This includes her adoptive parents.
Quirks/Habits: Shannon sleeps with a nightlight. She has been afraid of the dark as long as she can remember.


Parents: Charles Golden (father deceased) Marie Golden (mother deceased) Nick Henley (Uncle she's never met)
Adopted Family: James Randall Peck, MD Diana Doyle Peck, MD Olivia Jane Peck age 3
Siblings: William Charles Golden, 14 months older than her. They were split up at the foster home when he was 7 and she was 6. She's not seen Billy and doesn't know he's looking for her.
Spouse/Serious Lover: None, but several casual lovers
Children: None
Pets: None since her Irish Setter died when she was 15

Present Background

Occupation: Model/Actress

Education: Graduated from Our Lady High School with barely passing grades.

Activities: Partying till all hours when she doesn't have a photo shoot the next day.

Home: Apartment she shares with two other friends.

Friends: Cara Wilkes, Suzette Carlyle, her two best friends since first grade and her roommates. None of her other friends are more than acquaitances,


Height: 5'5
Eyes: brown
Hair: Depends on her mood
Face & Complexion: Light skin she protects from the sun carefully
Build: Thin almost too thin. Has been known to binge and purge and to use drugs to maintain her weight
Defining Marks: a small mole on her right hip and a slight scar at her hairline on her forehead from falling off her bike at age 10

Dress Style: Trendy if she's going out clubbing, casual the rest of the time


Marital Status: Single.

Sexual Preference: Straight

Past Relationships: Casual sexual encounters

Present Relationship(s): None

Random tidbits:
Shannon loves to read even though she was an indifferent student. She is a party girl who loves to smoke, drink and get high. She is moving in the near future to New York and hopes to become a top model.

Shannon is afraid of the dark and sleeps with a nightlight, she's had this phobia all her life but it has gotten worse since she was separated from her brother, Billy, who used to sneak into her bed at night and hold her until she fell asleep. She hasn't felt loved or cherished like that since.

She's always felt as though she didn't fit in with her adopted family and that her career oriented parents adopted her only because they were trying to show what wonderful, loving people they were. This feeling has grown since the birth of her little sister Olivia. She adores the toddler and resents her at the same time because Livvy gets their parents' time, love and attention in a way she never did.